Blending Decor Styles To Look ‘Eclectic’ Rather than Messy

Consider the details

Accessories are the jewelry of the space. They are an opportunity to reflect who lives in the home and what is the soul of the concept or project. When mixing styles, decide which you prefer to be the dominant one. If you want your space to be playful and soulful but predominantly open, clean, and modern, a vibrant Bohemian carpet can be anchored by surrounding solid color block furniture. Then simply layer in your pillows and accessories to complement the carpet and tie the entire room together. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and colors and mixing metals. Juxtaposing pieces creates dimension. Give your selections purpose and meaning and the space will come together.

When you combine art, it is important to have a cohesive color palette between the pieces. So, placing mixed styles together on a wall means the pieces should be displayed with a hierarchy of scale and proportion. Large pieces should be central and go outward from big to small. It’s not the frame or the texture that creates harmony, it’s the color and symbolism within the artwork and how they communicate with one another that creates the conversation.


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